Skills: R, Statistical Analysis, Bayesian Modeling, Data Visualization, Programming, Web Design & Development

Education & Experience

  • (6/2013—Present) Statistician @ Neuropsychology Research Program, University of Pittsburgh
  • (2/2015—Present) Pittsburgh useR Group Co-Organizer
  • (7/2014—3/2015) Data Scientist @ Wellbridge Health
  • (2013) Master's in Statistical Practice from Carnegie Mellon University
    + Teaching Assistant: Data Visualization (Spring 2013), Probability Theory (Fall 2012)
  • (2012) Bachelor of Art in Mathematics from California State University, Fullerton
    + Teaching Assistant: Mathematical Statistics (Spring 2012), Mathematical Probability (Fall 2011)
    + DIMENSIONS Journal of Undergraduate Research: Editor of Mathematics section (Spring 2011)

For more information please see my CV (PDF) or resume (full 2-page PDF; condensed 1-page PDF).